To the northwest of the town of Assisi at an elevation of about 500 m above sea level lies Mammona, a notable historical entrenchment in Assisi's history. Moderated between internal business growth and integration with the external territory, this area is distinguished by its ability to balance tradition with innovation, flanking products of ancient memory with the use of innovative technologies. In this environment, ready to seize the opportunities of the present, Ecoedile Srl has undertaken significant building renovations, using a contemporary language that respects and enhances the morpho-typological characteristics of the area.

The first major intervention concerns the restoration of the farmhouse and tower, elements of strong cultural and social significance for the Assisi area. The existing masonry of the farmhouse is flanked by plastered load-bearing walls with a cast finish, with a wooden pergola with metal inserts marking the relationship between interior and exterior. Its distinguishing feature is a large glazed eye from which the surrounding landscape can be observed in fullness.

The design of the tower follows the same philosophy but, with a material deviation, being built with reinforced concrete load-bearing masonry. To preserve the view of the landscape, all windows and doors are without shading. With the understanding that modifications and interventions should not compromise the distinctive features of the locality, the project aims to rebuild to preserve with a contemporary architectural language that does not disfigure its peculiarities but, on the contrary, allows it to stay alive.

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