On the outskirts of Bergamo, where the city opens to the east, between the Seriana Valley and Lake Iseo, the Cavallina Valley, stands Trescore Balneario. A place steeped in history, with Roman baths and frescoes by Lorenzo Lotto from 1524 preserved in the Suardi Oratory, dedicated to Santa Barbara and Santa Brigida. A place, indeed "the" place of Daniele and Enzo Nembrini. It is here that they were born and grew up and it is here that, after their studies and important professional experiences abroad, they decided to return, establishing residence and headquarters of the company. The place of work, therefore, of professional activities, of relationships with men, with objects and ideas, where everything takes shape. Daniele, who is curious and always lover of research and study of materials, immediately decided to involve his brother Enzo as Art Director because, in addition to his passion for his profession, ha has also delved into architecture, art and design, and together they chose this as their place, immediately thinking of a welcoming, 'happy' space in which the arts could coexist and dialogue. And so it was. Here, where architecture blends with the landscape, Ecoedile Srl is places, founded by brothers Enzo and Daniele Nembrini. Present in Italy and abroad for over twenty years, is a specialist in brick and cement, from restoration to new construction to large works is able to manage every phase of a building project, from planning to its completion. Thanks to a team with extensive knowledge of both modern and more traditional construction techniques, he works every day to ensure that quality and new technologies are always at a better level of precision and reliability, using ecological and sustainable materials. Efficient construction also from an energy point of view allows us to live better as well as to combat climate change allowing future generations to live in a better world.

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