Ecoedilesrl Corso Porta Vicentina2

At Corso Porta Vicentina 12, in 2017 Ecoedile Srl, in agreement with architect Massimiliano Locatelli, completed a building housing Milan's first shop inspired by the art of the table. The structure stands out for its modern and innovative architecture, which incorporates advanced technologies to ensure high energy efficiency. Characterised by a glass façade allows natural light to penetrate the spaces, minimising energy consumption and creating visual continuity between the building and its surrounding environment. In fact, as far as the building aspect is concerned, the company used state-of-the-art construction techniques to ensure maximum workmanship in a shop designed to create a unique and engaging shopping experience. Spacious and bright spaces enhance the beauty of the products on display, allowing the structure to become a reference point for all lovers of design and eco-sustainability.

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Ecoedilesrl Corso Porta Vicentina4
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